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    Meet Your Underdog Mates!

    Clan meetups are happening in 2020, and we would love for all of our members to be a part of it!!! So far we have gatherings in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, happening at various times over the coming months – […]

  • xAUx News

    Website Restoration

    Good morning! As you may be aware, our website suffered from technical issues from April 2019. I apologise for the delays in getting this back up and running. The website itself is currently very bare, I’m looking for ideas to […]

  • xAUx News

    About Aussie Underdogs

    Welcome to Aussie Underdogs Aussie Underdogs brings a rare feature to clan gaming on the PC, in that we do not restrict ourselves to any single game, series or genre. Instead, we offer a home for our members to get […]

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    Dates have been set[...]

    The Entertainment Software Association has announced (via that E3 2021 will be taking place and that it will occupy its traditional June slot, specifically running from June 15 to June 17, 2021.  This announcement comes only a month after […]

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    15 things to do[...]

    Finding fun things to do at home when bored has become the premier challenge we didn’t foresee when making our 2020 predictions. Right now, weekdays and weekends are kind of blurring into each other right now, so you need this.  […]

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    Diablo 4 is official:[...]

    Looking for everything there is to know about Diablo 4? Then you’ve come to the right place. It’s been over seven years since the initial release of Diablo 3, so obviously we’re champing at the bit to start another monstrous […]

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    E3 2020: what to[...]

    E3 2020 may still be a few months away, but the chatter around this year’s biggest gaming show is already starting. With Sony deciding to duck out of the show for the second year running, and two next-gen consoles set […]

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