Meet Your Underdog Mates!

Meet Your Underdog Mates!

Jan 13 Lylow  
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Clan meetups are happening in 2020, and we would love for all of our members to be a part of it!!!

So far we have gatherings in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, happening at various times over the coming months – starting with Brisbane in late February.

It’ll be fantastic to meet a bunch of our new members for the first time face to face, and for our veterans to have another chance to catch up and tell some tall tales over a drink or two.

If there isn’t a meet up happening in your city or state – why not jump in the deep end, and organise to set one up yourself???

All the information you’ll need, on dates, times and locations is being decided as we speak, in the #clan_meet channel of our Discord.
Do yourself a favour, and take a look at the channel’s pinned posts, to find out more!

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