About Aussie Underdogs

About Aussie Underdogs

Jan 11 Corza  
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Welcome to Aussie Underdogs

Aussie Underdogs brings a rare feature to clan gaming on the PC, in that we do not restrict ourselves to any single game, series or genre. Instead, we offer a home for our members to get involved across the wide range of games that they play.
We’re a fun and mature community of PC gamers, whose primary goal is for our members to enjoy their gaming at all times. Because of this, we don’t focus on skill or experience, which creates a relaxed and friendly environment, and promotes a drama-free, and hack-free community.
A community of likeminded people who care about fun gaming, teamwork, and dedication – winning and success are just additional perks.
Are you ready to join the fun? Take a peek at our website, connect to our Discord and join us in the virtual world of your choice!

Both Social and Competitive PC Gaming

Additional to our vibrant social scene and Pubscrub Pros, Clan AU also offer an emphasis on competitive play – for those members who are looking to take their gamimg more seriously, and improve their skills.
For this reason AU have competitive squads, where demand for competitive play is driven by the members. These squads compete against each other, and in several ladders and tournaments. If we currently don’t cater to your game of choice, why don’t you start a squad and we will help you to grow it with all of our clans’ resources on offer?

Ultimately, the real reason why you should join Aussie Underdogs is because of our community! Despite being such a huge clan, all the members feel very closely knit. Formed in 2005, Aussie Underdogs is one of the longest-running and most reliable PC gaming clans/communities in Australia, simply due to the strength and character of its members. Once you start being active on our Discord and you get to know a few of our members, you will find that AU is very welcoming and fun to be a part of. The social aspect, and the laughs are guaranteed to make your gaming much more enjoyable, so why not give it try?!

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